Steamcon is canceled!

We were very sad to hear that due to outstanding debt, Steamcon is canceled this year. The corporation is being dissolved, and is leaving a huge void in steampunk events in the North West. The following in Seattle was HUGE, and we hope another event steps up to fill the hole left behind or a miracle can revive Steamcon to it's former glory. Until then, we hope to find another venue to vend our wears during the fall. We hope all our fans will visit us this April at Norwescon, as it is currently the only show we have booked in the Seattle area this year.


WOW, the next show is already coming up! We have our stock list and are making prep for Norwescon in April. We hope to see some of our fans from Steamcon there, and meet new friends as well. We'll be in the vendors room this time, so come out and see us!


Had a great time at Radcon. Vending from a hotel room was a new experience, and we have a plan for next year. Thank you to everyone who came out to the dealers annex. Looking forward to the next show!

Where are we?

Come meet us in person! Here is a list of conventions and events we should be at in 2014. Events in BOLD are confined. (Unconfirmed events mean we have applied, but have not received the contract to guarantee a table at the show.)

RADCONFeb 14-17Red Lion Inn, Pasco, Washington
NORWESCONApr 17-20 Doubletree by Hilton Seattle Airport, Seattle, Washington
GEARCONJuly 4-6DoubleTree by Hilton, Portland, Oregon
SpoconAug 15-17Downtown DoubleTree, Spokane, Washington

We are adding new shows every year it seems, and we always look forward to meeting new people and making new friends. We currently operate out of northern Idaho, so if you have an event within a reasonable distance you would like to see us at, please tell us. See you at the con!


What's this? Did I hear a rumor about Steampunked Out setting up wholesale accounts? MAYBE YOU DID. We are now offering wholesale pricing to stores with physical locations. Contact me for details or email me directly: sales@steampunkedout.com.

Sounds of Steam

For those how haven't heard, one of my amazing fans has a weekly steampunk podcast! From the Sounds of Steam website on Wightparty Radio:
We discuss the influence of Steampunk in the world of movies, literature, music, gaming, and every other corner of culture we can find. Each week we will discuss different Steamy historic occurrences, drinks (including beers, cider, wines, liquors, and teas) and current Steampunk events around the world.

We interview convention goers and hosts, artists, bands, writers, inventors, time travelers and craftsmen. We explore the hobbies, sub genres, geographic influences and fringe cultures that help shape Steampunk every day.

Sounds of Steam Facebook Page
Sounds of Steam on Wightparty Radio
We cover the spectrum of elements that touches Steampunk. Not so much a show about the core elements, but all the seasonings and spices that give it such a wonderful and personal flavor for each individual partaking of it. All of this blended with wit, sarcasm and a pub like atmosphere.

Product redesigns!

Mr. Tinkerton is at it again. You may notice some of the products are not available when you are browsing the site. Sorry about that. Tinkerton Scientific is always brainstorming and sometimes it means we have better ideas for old products. Right now we are working on redesigning several items, including adding additional options (like 12GA, red paper shotgun shells...OH MY!) The new designs should be finished by the end of July, and we hope to have the photos on the site ASAP. Thanks for understanding!

We are currently finalizing stock for Norwescon, and will be out of town for about a week. Since most of my items are made to order, production time may vary. Below is the estimated number of days from the day I receive the order, to the day it will ship.
?  Estimated production time:
about 2 weeks

If you have a coupon code you wish to use, please enter it now. Prices will look the same on each page, but the discount will be applied when you add an item to your cart. Codes are case sensitive, and your browser must accept cookies.

New Items!

Another much improved redesign. The new style is made to look similar to vintage ammo pouches, but are designed...

These high quality replicas are made in spain and have the look and feel of real guns. They are all metal with...

-One of a kind items-

Here are a few "one of a kind" items for sale only in my Etsy shop. I often sell special edition items, prototypes, and items with minor flaws in my Etsy shop, so be sure to visit often to see what's new!

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Now you can also follow Tinkerton Scientific. See photos of new "one of a kind" devices and read the diary for Mr. Tinkerton!

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About Steampunked Out

I've been working with leather for over 12 years now, and got my start working the Renaissance Faire circuit. I started Witch Works as a crafting business in 2008 to supply the new age/metaphysical community with quality, handcrafted items made from leather, wood, stone, and other natural materials.

I love working with my hands and creating new and different things, so when I was asked to make a steampunk styled leather cuff for a prop in a play at the local university, I was happy to do it. The design was well received and it was suggested I do more to sell. One thing led to another and I opened an Etsy shop in September of 2010. I have enjoyed the style and design of the steampunk genera so much, and the shop is doing so well, I have decided to open this retail web site as a sister store to Witch Works. I love making new things and doing custom designs so if you have ideas for new things, suggestions to change old designs, or need something completely new, please contact me.

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