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-Bullet Bandolier-




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-Bullet Bandolier-

Adventurers, Sky pirates, and Lawmen alike can all use this handy item. To be sure not to loose in a shootout, never be caught with less ammo than your opponent. These bullet bandoliers are based on historic photos, and are made of heavy 7-8oz leather. They are 2" wide, 55" long with an adjustable 1" wide connector strap. Simply move the screw posts to accommodate a variety of body sizes. It also comes with a belt loop extension for optional use with larger sizes. Belt can go directly through the bandolier, or thru the connected belt loop as pictured above. Or wear the bandolier without a belt for easy removal. They are currently available in several loop sizes:

32 .45-70 rifle bullets (brass only) Each shell is over 3 1/2 inches long.-- $156.47
40 .30-30 rifle bullets (brass only) Also over 3" long.-- $137.47
32 .45 Colt pistol bullets (brass or silver)-- $121.97
40 .38 caliber pistol bullets (brass or silver)-- $120.97
24 12GA Shotgun shells (red paper hulls)-- $139.47
EMPTY Bandolier in your choice of size-- $98.47

The .45 caliber bandoliers have 16 bullets on both front and back, and the .30-30/.38 caliber bandoliers have 20 bullets on both front and back. The large 12GA bandoliers have 12 loops front and back. All are available in your choice of leather and hardware color. All bullets are NON FIRING and have no powder or primer. For empty bandoliers, please specify caliber. The number of loops will depend on the size of the shells.

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Starting at $98.47

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